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Preheating chamber
Preheating chamber
Preheating chamber
Preheating chamber
Preheating chamber

Preheating chamber

The preheating process is controlled by the professional industrial control computer +SIMENS PLC. Using a central heating tank, the heat exchange system of hot water will heat up the room. It has the advantages of fast heating, good heat uniformity and a clean room. The room temperature, circulating hot water pump and circulation fan start and stop time can be set as needed. The whole process is recorded by computer and can be called, viewed and printed at any time.
Preheating chamber has a central heating tank and separates humidifying control system.
The hot air is sent to the preheating chamber through the explosion-proof air cabinet for circulating heating.
Each preheating room is designed with 1 set of humidity sensors and 1 set of temperature sensors, and the test data is monitored and recorded in real-time.
No-load temperature uniformity of + / - 5 ℃, no-load humidity uniformity of + / - 15% RH in the preheating room.

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Preconditioning chamber

Primary technical parameters 1

Inside Volume³

Use circulating hot water or hot wind to warm, heated air circulation inside the chamber.

Loading Rate


Parameters Display, Record, Print, Storage

Temperature and humidity deviation automatic adjustment

Computer control

Set temperature and humidity range at (38-60 x and 20%-90%) freely.

Max Temperature Deviation



Product Details:

FIRSTEO Machinery
Equipment Co., Ltd.

FIRSTEO Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the well-known China Preheating chamber manufacturers and Preheating chamber suppliers in China. We have our own technology development, design, production, sales and service department. Our products include the overall facilities of the ethylene oxide sterilization workshop, the pretreatment room, the ethylene oxide sterilizer, the analytical room and the ethylene oxide waste gas treat equipment. Our company has established in a quality management system which accordance with ISO9001:2008 and ENISO13485:2003/AC2009. Our company is engaged in: pretreatment - sterilizer - strong analytical --EO waste gas treatment, the whole process equipment manufacturing factory to provide custom Preheating chamber and wholesale Preheating chamber. We are a famous China Preheating chamber suppliers and Preheating chamber factory of ethylene oxide sterilization that uses hot air heating system in China, and had applied the "utility model patent certificate" (energy saving, water-saving, no corrosion, fast heating speed; which can extend the life of the equipment for 10-15 years). Our own FSTEO-WQ series of ethylene oxide waste air absorption and treatment equipment was developed with the domestic universities. It allows the low temperature reaction process and reselected the catalyst reacting under low temperature. The removal rate of the waste gas was more than 99.9% after the purification of the waste gas. The emission residual gas is far below the national standard requirements. We have also developed an automatic control system which can join the operation between the waste gas treat process and the sterilizing cabinet. Our technical engineers have decades of experience in the industry. So we can provide professional man to install, test, training or repair machine for customer. We have a large number of high-quality customers: Jiangsu Fresenius Medical Care (Germany), Nanchang Kelinnike Medical Appliance (Germany), Shenzhen DooJung Group (Korea), Nanjing micro-tech, Winner Medical and other well-known Pharmaceutical equipment or other related products enterprises in China. We can also provide you with the best equipment and services.

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l am very happy with everything and I want to congratulate you for an outstanding worker
l am very happy with everything and I want to congratulate you for an outstanding worker
l am very happy with everything and I want to congratulate you for an outstanding worker
l am very happy with everything and I want to congratulate you for an outstanding worker
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    Industry knowledge

    What is the purpose of a preheating chamber in industrial processes?

    The purpose of a preheating chamber in industrial processes is to raise the temperature of materials or components before they undergo further processing or treatment. Preheating chambers are widely used in various industries, including metalworking, glass manufacturing, ceramics, and food processing. They serve several essential functions that contribute to the efficiency, quality, and safety of industrial operations.
    One of the primary purposes of a preheating chamber is to optimize the thermal conditions for subsequent manufacturing processes. Certain materials or components, such as metals, ceramics, or glass, require specific temperature ranges for forming, shaping, or treatment. Preheating these materials in a dedicated chamber ensures that they reach the desired temperature before entering the main processing equipment. By achieving the ideal temperature, the materials become more malleable, allowing for easier deformation, shaping, or chemical reactions in subsequent production steps. This ultimately improves the efficiency of the manufacturing process and enhances the quality of the final product.
    Moreover, a preheating chamber plays a crucial role in reducing thermal shock. Sudden or extreme temperature changes can cause stress, cracking, or warping in materials, leading to defects or failures in the final product. By gradually raising the temperature in a controlled environment, the preheating chamber minimizes the risk of thermal shock. This gradual and uniform heating process helps to maintain the structural integrity of the materials and ensures a more consistent and reliable production outcome.
    Another purpose of a preheating chamber is to enhance energy efficiency in industrial processes. In many manufacturing operations, the use of a preheating chamber allows for the reuse of waste heat or exhaust gases generated from other parts of the production line. By redirecting and utilizing these byproducts, the preheating chamber reduces energy consumption and overall operating costs. This energy recovery approach not only contributes to sustainability and environmental stewardship but also improves the economic viability of industrial operations.
    Furthermore, a preheating chamber can be utilized for removing moisture or volatile substances from materials. In certain applications, such as drying processes or moisture-sensitive manufacturing, preheating can effectively eliminate moisture content or evaporate volatile components. This preparation step ensures that the materials are in an optimal condition for subsequent processing or treatment, preventing issues such as blistering, cracking, or chemical reactions caused by the presence of moisture or volatile substances.
    The design and operation of a preheating chamber are critical in achieving the desired results. Factors such as temperature control, heating mechanisms, insulation, airflow, and exhaust systems need to be carefully considered to ensure efficient and uniform heating, as well as safe operation. Proper safety measures, including temperature monitoring, ventilation, and handling procedures, are essential to protect workers and prevent accidents or material damage during preheating processes.

    What are the common applications of a preheating chamber in metalworking industries?

    Preheating chambers play a vital role in metalworking industries, offering several common applications that contribute to the efficiency, quality, and safety of various processes. The controlled preheating of metal materials is crucial in several metalworking operations, and preheating chambers are specifically designed to fulfill these requirements. Here are some common applications of preheating chambers in metalworking industries:
    Welding and Joining: Preheating chambers are extensively used in welding and joining processes, such as arc welding, gas welding, and brazing. Preheating the base metal before welding helps to minimize thermal stress, reduce the risk of cracking, and improve weld quality. By raising the temperature of the metal, the preheating chamber ensures a more uniform distribution of heat, which helps in achieving better fusion and preventing defects in the weld joint. Preheating is particularly critical for thicker or higher-strength metals, where the risk of cracking and distortion is more pronounced.
    Heat Treatment: In heat treatment processes like annealing, tempering, or stress relieving, preheating chambers are used to bring the metal to a specific temperature range prior to the actual treatment. Preheating is essential to ensure uniform heating of the metal and to prevent thermal shock during quenching or cooling stages. By gradually raising the temperature, the preheating chamber helps to relieve internal stresses, improve the machinability of the metal, and enhance the desired metallurgical properties, such as hardness, toughness, or ductility.
    Forging and Forming: Preheating chambers find extensive application in forging and forming processes. Preheating the metal prior to forging or forming operations improves its malleability, reducing the force required for shaping and minimizing the risk of cracking or fracturing. Preheating also helps to achieve better dimensional accuracy, control grain growth, and enhance the overall mechanical properties of the final product. For example, in the production of automotive components, such as crankshafts or connecting rods, preheating chambers are used to ensure precise forging and optimal material characteristics.
    Metal Rolling: Preheating chambers are employed in metal rolling processes, where the metal is passed through rolling mills to achieve the desired thickness or shape. Preheating the metal prior to rolling improves its plasticity and reduces the load on the rolling mills, leading to energy savings and increased productivity. By heating the metal to a specific temperature, the preheating chamber ensures uniform rolling and prevents issues like cracking, warping, or surface defects.
    Surface Coating: In surface coating operations like thermal spraying or metal deposition, preheating chambers are used to heat the substrate material before the application of the coating. Preheating enhances the bonding between the substrate and the coating material, improving adhesion and overall coating quality. By bringing the metal to the appropriate temperature, the preheating chamber allows for the formation of a strong metallurgical bond, leading to durable and high-performance coatings.
    It's important to note that the specific temperature requirements and preheating methods vary depending on the metal type, process, and application. Different preheating chamber designs, such as batch-type or continuous-type chambers, are utilized based on the production requirements and volume.