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Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers
Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers
Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers

Our FST-100L/200L or other small size medical ethylene oxide sterilization meets the requirements of ISO11135-1、-2 Standards.
The sterilization and residue removal are carried out at one time, which brings great convenient to its users and avoids environmental pollution.

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Capability of Product
· Automatic sterilization process
· The whole sterilization process is automatically controlled by a computer and the operating modes are shown by a liquid crystal display such as pre-vacuum, heating, damping, agent adding, sterilizing, cleaning and residual agent removal, etc.
· Free setting of sterilization parameters
· Sterilization parameters can be set freely such as the sterilization temperature, pre-vacuum pressure, sterilization time, cleaning times residual agent removal time, exhausting duration, etc.
· Optional simple operations
· There are two simple operation options: a higher temperature of 56°C and a lower temperature of 37°C.
· Small dose of EO ( EtO) in ampoule is injected at one shot Simple and clear operating interface to handle Memory chip
· Sterilization data can be stored, which makes it convenient for sterilization parameters recoding, inquiring and printing at any time.
· Power off failure memory which stores the sterilization data automatically
· The process can be continued after the power supply is resumed without re-starting the machine.
· Intelligent alarming system

Primary Technical Parameters

Sterilizing temperature

 37°C or 56°C, or set by users

Sterilizing pressure

 -80- 0KPa

Sterilizing concentration

 300mg/L- 1000 mg/L

Damping times


Sterilizing time

 30 minutes-3hours

Residual removal time


Max power of the sterilizer


Max power of the auxiliary machine


Power supply L


FIRSTEO Machinery
Equipment Co., Ltd.

FIRSTEO Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the well-known China Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers manufacturers and Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers suppliers in China. We have our own technology development, design, production, sales and service department. Our products include the overall facilities of the ethylene oxide sterilization workshop, the pretreatment room, the ethylene oxide sterilizer, the analytical room and the ethylene oxide waste gas treat equipment. Our company has established in a quality management system which accordance with ISO9001:2008 and ENISO134585:2003/AC2009. Our company is engaged in: pretreatment - sterilizer - strong analytical --EO waste gas treatment, the whole process equipment manufacturing factory to provide custom Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers and wholesale Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers . We are a famous China Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers suppliers and Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers factory of ethylene oxide sterilization that uses hot air heating system in China, and had applied the "utility model patent certificate" (energy saving, water-saving, no corrosion, fast heating speed; which can extend the life of the equipment for 10-15 years). Our own FSTEO-WQ series of ethylene oxide waste air absorption and treatment equipment was developed with the domestic universities. It allows the low temperature reaction process and reselected the catalyst reacting under low temperature. The removal rate of the waste gas was more than 99.9% after the purification of the waste gas. The emission residual gas is far below the national standard requirements. We have also developed an automatic control system which can join the operation between the waste gas treat process and the sterilizing cabinet. Our technical engineers have decades of experience in the industry. So we can provide professional man to install, test, training or repair machine for customer. We have a large number of high-quality customers: Jiangsu Fresenius Medical Care (Germany), Nanchang Kelinnike Medical Appliance (Germany), Shenzhen DooJung Group (Korea), Nanjing micro-tech, Winner Medical and other well-known Pharmaceutical equipment or other related products enterprises in China. We can also provide you with the best equipment and services.

Customer Evaluation
l am very happy with everything and I want to congratulate you for an outstanding worker
l am very happy with everything and I want to congratulate you for an outstanding worker
l am very happy with everything and I want to congratulate you for an outstanding worker
l am very happy with everything and I want to congratulate you for an outstanding worker
you deserve it as you are excellent at your job and help me timeously with all my problems.
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