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Gas Chromatograph
Gas Chromatograph
Gas Chromatograph

Gas Chromatograph

Our EO detection spectrograph is for disposable sanitary products, pharmaceutical disinfection GMP, and EO detection requirements. The residual solvent in sanitary materials and drugs was determined by means of top air chromatography. The system has the advantages of simplified sample pre-and post-processing, quantitative analysis standard and good repeatability, shortening the time of analysis and detection, and reducing the pollution of the column, etc. The system is cost-effective and easy to operate, which is suitable for the production quality control of medical devices and pharmaceutical production enterprises and the application of the detection and monitoring of the medical management department.

The characteristic of  EO detection Spectrograph: Automatic top-flight sampler device, Good repeatability and high accuracy; The separation of each component is better and the detector is sensitive; The analysis time is short and the speed is quick.

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The system configuration: 
1. GC9890 Main Engine  / 1 set; 
2. HS-9A Automatic top free sampler  /1 piece; 
3. Chromatographic Workstation / 1 set; 
4. Capillary column injection system / 1 set; 
5. FID Detector  /1 piece; 
6. Special capillary column  / 1 set; 
7. Nitrogen and hydrogen empty one - machine generator / 1 piece; 
8. Nitrogen gas bottle / 1 piece; 
9. Data processing computer / 1 set.
FIRSTEO Machinery
Equipment Co., Ltd.

FIRSTEO Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the well-known China gas chromatography machine manufacturers and gas chromatography machine suppliers in China. We have our own technology development, design, production, sales and service department. Our products include the overall facilities of the ethylene oxide sterilization workshop, the pretreatment room, the ethylene oxide sterilizer, the analytical room and the ethylene oxide waste gas treat equipment. Our company has established in a quality management system which accordance with ISO9001:2008 and ENISO134585:2003/AC2009. Our company is engaged in: pretreatment - sterilizer - strong analytical --EO waste gas treatment, the whole process equipment manufacturing factory to provide custom gas chromatography machine and wholesale gas chromatography machine. We are a famous China gas chromatography machine suppliers and gas chromatography machine factory of ethylene oxide sterilization that uses hot air heating system in China, and had applied the "utility model patent certificate" (energy saving, water-saving, no corrosion, fast heating speed; which can extend the life of the equipment for 10-15 years). Our own FSTEO-WQ series of ethylene oxide waste air absorption and treatment equipment was developed with the domestic universities. It allows the low temperature reaction process and reselected the catalyst reacting under low temperature. The removal rate of the waste gas was more than 99.9% after the purification of the waste gas. The emission residual gas is far below the national standard requirements. We have also developed an automatic control system which can join the operation between the waste gas treat process and the sterilizing cabinet. Our technical engineers have decades of experience in the industry. So we can provide professional man to install, test, training or repair machine for customer. We have a large number of high-quality customers: Jiangsu Fresenius Medical Care (Germany), Nanchang Kelinnike Medical Appliance (Germany), Shenzhen DooJung Group (Korea), Nanjing micro-tech, Winner Medical and other well-known Pharmaceutical equipment or other related products enterprises in China. We can also provide you with the best equipment and services.

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l am very happy with everything and I want to congratulate you for an outstanding worker
l am very happy with everything and I want to congratulate you for an outstanding worker
l am very happy with everything and I want to congratulate you for an outstanding worker
l am very happy with everything and I want to congratulate you for an outstanding worker
you deserve it as you are excellent at your job and help me timeously with all my problems.
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